NFTBooks is an Australian-based technology company. The NFTBooks platform is based on blockchain technology in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT) with a high-security rate that allows writers to self-publish books, providing the best value to readers and removing intermediaries. We are trusted by many authors and readers. We are licensed to operate on the basis of a legal company in Australia with license number: ASIC - ACN: 655 406 107.

NFTBooks was founded with a vision of becoming a leader in the industry of publishing books. The platform addresses persistent difficulties such as copyright and pricing. The books are directly delivered to users without a third-party intermediary. NFTBOOKS wants everyone to have access to any reading content available in the world. As well as protecting and supporting the authors to increase their income to secure their life. The NFTBooks team is taking that as a criterion to perfect the product day by day.

NFTBooks believes that nothing is perfect from the start. Every species needs to be evolved. every product needs to be perfected step by step. We define the most core values to stabilize everything from inside, so that we can rest assured that we go together for a long time in the process of perfecting NFTBooks.


  • Heartiness :
  • Let’s learn how to listen from the simplest things to the problems that are being faced in each other’s work or life. From there, it becomes better to listen and work with customers.

  • Respect :
  • Respect all decisions of everyone in the team. Create space for people to experiment with questionable or disputed things. This helps NFTBooks put itself more on the user side.

  • Teamwork :
  • When everyone works together, it creates something that I feel I cannot do alone.

  • Learning:
  • Everyone needs to improve gradually. Knowledge has yet to find its boundaries. Learning from each other as well as learning from the outside helps us become stronger together day by day.

  • Unification:
  • Unifying all decisions and ideas within the team is extremely important. It helps team members clarify problems and discomforts that accumulate during work. Like all aspects of outside, it is properly polished, without conflict of two news streams.

  • Breakthrough:
  • We look forward to all the team building breakthrough ideas, step by step, forming a stronger NFTBooks than yesterday

NFTBooks found that in society at large, each person has one or more roles at the same time. Assigning people who share certain roles a name makes it easier for us to identify our mission, work, benefits, and what needs to be built to support them.


  • Authors
  • Authors are the heads of the supply chain. As the character who produces the goods - here is the book. Authors are indispensable on any book-related platform.

  • Readers
  • Readers are those who account for the largest number of users in the system. They are a main character for other characters to serve.

  • Lessors
  • Lessors are the backbone of NFTBooks. They help authors maximize profits. They help readers reduce the cost of reading a book.

  • Supporting Characters
  • Translators
    Translators are the people who help authors reach more readers.

    Old Publishers
    Publishers represent many Authors. Supporting them is always essential to increase the number of books and making it easier for Authors to get acquainted and understand more about NFTBooks more easily.

    University Libraries or Public Libraries
    Support to increase the source of books so that users can easily access all kinds of books for free. Also, make people aware of the free resources that universities and public libraries are more supportive of.

If you have any questions or ideas , please do not hesitate to contact us by:

[email protected]