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"Jajan Pasar"
Top 10 Traditional Cakes in Indonesia with Savoury Taste
    "Register the book and get the reward." Top 10 Traditional Cakes in Indonesia with Savoury Taste Indonesia has thousand of cultures that you can learn that came in many forms like dances, songs, arts, and also foods. The foods in the category will divide into some dishes or maybe some cakes. The cakes or the small meals, or the things we called as “Jajanan” in Indonesia is usually will served as dessert. However, beside that, many people like to eat them just to fulfill their stomach, for snack. They usually eat them in any time they want, day, night, or evening, as long as they can find them. To find the cakes of Indonesia, you don’t need to go to the Bakery. Even Bakeries in Indonesia don’t serve the traditional cakes. So, the best option you have here is visiting the traditional market which already existed long before our existence. You can find so many of them in your nearest area, it looks impossible if you can’t find any. In there, you can see so many of the traditional cakes that sold in many shops. That’s why, the cakes are also called as “Jajanan Pasar” or the market cakes. So, if you really want to know about what kind of traditional cakes Indonesia has, better check the full list of traditional cakes in Indonesia below :
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