The importance and benefits of marriage

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The importance and benefits of marriage
Examining obstacles and harms and solutions for easy marriage
    The research method is descriptive-analytical and Quran and hadith reference books were used as sources. This thesis investigated the phenomenon of delayed marriage from different perspectives such as: 1. Introducing the suitable age for marriage 2. Factors of delayed marriage 3. Consequences of delayed marriage 4. Strategies to manage delayed marriage as well as the viewpoint of verses and hadith and the results are as follows: After stating the generalities about the subject and defining the concepts in chapter one, the researchers investigated the history of marriage, the importance of marriage in Islam, the benefits and necessities of marriage in Islam in three aspects of individual, social and religious. Then, the researcher has mentioned the conditions for the suitable age of marriage to be physical growth (maturity), intellectual growth, social growth, and emotional growth. Chapter three dealt with the focus of the study which is regarding the factors influential in delayed marriage from the three perspectives of social factors, cultural factors, and economic factors. In the fourth chapter, personal and social consequences of delayed marriage have been studied from the perspective of Islam. Finally, chapter five of the study is devoted to stating strategies from Quran and Hadith to deal with the phenomenon of delayed marriage.
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