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Business ecosystem
How to manage your business in the best possible way?
    The business model canvas is a visual tool for strategic business management, which can easily and quickly convey the nature, goals and ideas of a business to the audience. As its name suggests, "business model canvas" is a document in which all the key elements of a business or a product are expressed in a specific and coherent framework. If we liken the business world to a very large labyrinth, we are not wrong. Let me give you an example to better understand the complexity and intertwining of this world. All of us, without exception, have faced a tied handsfree and we have experienced this heartbreaking scene many times. The business world is just as complicated as this wristband. In this complex world, everything is related, and in order to be a successful manager or entrepreneur, you must be able to manage everything at the same time. This definition and description is undoubtedly scary and worrying, and maybe even frustrating. be; But as the saying goes, only death has no choice! Ironically, to solve the problem of business complexity, there are many solutions that experts have provided over the years using their knowledge and expertise. Among these solutions is the use of a business model, and of course, a business model canvas. But now the question that arises is what does the working model mean and what does it mean? In addition, what is the relationship between the business environment and this topic? And the most important question, how is the design of the business canvas? If you are patient, we will give a detailed answer to each of these questions below.
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