Final Destiny #3

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Final Destiny #3
Final Destiny #3
    The third part of the novel tells the story of Fangran who has arrived in Bahadur City. He didn't know that his conversation with Samith on the ship turned out to be listened to by others. The wish to unwind in the transit town did not come true. The treacherous person leaked Fangran's interest information to a group of people in Bahadur City. Fangran must try to avoid answers that could get him killed. Armed with Samith's advice and a desire to help Mongu, he joins a group that wants to go to Thalea City to make a fortune. But why is it that only Fangran does not carry weapons? Why bring weapons if their only purpose is to go to Thalea City? Is fighting ability needed during the journey?
    ~ - 99

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