Handbook of The Periodic Table (کتابچه راهنمای جدول تناوبی)

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Handbook of The Periodic Table (کتابچه راهنمای جدول تناوبی)
    Chemistry is a beautiful and completely experimental science that is of the basic sciences. that has created more and more innovation and technology. Chemistry is a science that has been influenced by many developments from the past to the present day and will undoubtedly continue to be so in the future. The periodic table or the Mendeleev table is considered the basis of chemistry. This table is named after the original Russian inventor of the Mendeleev table. Today's table contains about one hundred and eighteen elements, which are placed in the periodic table based on chemical substances due to the increase in regular atomic number, which is why it is called the periodic table. Therefore, in this booklet, using the most recent data. Scientific and experimental laboratory and university studies, methods and cases have been collected that can be a useful contribution to the foundation of chemistry.
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