Highly Sensitive People

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Highly Sensitive People
Turning Sensitivity Into a Blessing
    We all go through periods of intense stress, emotional struggles, and more. How we handle each situation depends on a number of factors, from our upbringing to what we are exposed to on a daily basis. It is the level of our emotional maturity that determines our subsequent actions and whether we transition through each situation smoothly or not. While the majority of people are capable of dealing with their responses to stressful situations, there is a small percentage of us who are considered highly sensitive. These highly sensitive people, or HSP, comprise nearly twenty percent of the United States population. Their emotional states are influenced by a highly sensitive nervous system, forcing them to process more information than average. This depth of processing occurs on a subconscious level and leads to being analyzed deeper than others. "High Sensitive People" explores the causes of HSP and how each can be directly tied to a variety of experiences throughout their lives. Whether it began during childhood or through social relationships at work and with friends, sensitivity can greatly affect your life, often without you even knowing it. It is a well established fact that high
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