NFTBS Tokenomic 2022 version

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NFTBS Tokenomic 2022 version
The NFTBooks Ultimate Guide about NFTBS
    $NFTBS is a utility token used for authors to self-publish books, lessors for lease of purchased book, translators to create smart contract with authors to publish translated books and build a competitive model to reduce costs for readers. At 2021, we launched it on BSC We are the pioneers for the automatic publishing model on the NFT platform, we hope that many teams will work together in this field, hope our model can help humanity. Competition to develop, that is inevitable. NFTBooks was born to solve problems such as these, whether or not it is partly through project developers like us, and partly to the development efforts of the community, authors who love their books, readers who want more good books to read or investors seeking ethical investments, but the value received by all is long-term and permanent.
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