Speed Listening

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Speed Listening
The Art of Listening Faster
    The world relies on speed. There is too much information available and not enough time to go through it all. This book will help you to save your most important resource, your time! Whether you are a student who goes to school or university and is trying to understand the key concepts of lectures or an adult trying to cope up with the burden of your job, you will be able to benefit from this book. This book will teach you how to listen to a book that you like faster than you are able to read it. You will learn that there is a whole part of your mind that you are not accessing. You will learn how to make use of your intellect to unleash the power of your mind. A concise explanation of what you will learn in this book includes: • What is speed listening • Why is speed listening important for you • The benefits of speed listening and how it works • Tips for students and podcasters interested in speed reading • How to build  your speed listening ability • Improving your speed listening abilities
    6 - 80

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