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    In this book, I will detail the most interesting supplementation and the ones that has helped me in some stages. This products represented a big difference in my whole process while overcome lumbar discopathy. Some products are really useful and effective. At times they can become something completely necessary in order to meet the needs of our body in the context of some demands that we may face. They are products that I always observe from what the word itself means: Supplement. That is, something extra. Never as something essential or to which I can leave the complete responsibility in covering the minimum or basic nutritional needs. Although at one time it used to be thought that everything is in food (including myself), the reality is that this is starting to change. It seems that food is degrading to the point that it is losing much of its nutritional properties. Bad breeding practices are creating sick and weak animals. Lands are no longer fertile and crops do not absorb enough nutrients, while processed or ultra-processed products are slowly and silently poisoning us. The result is that at some point our body can be involved in many nutritional deficits even if that person believes that they are following a healthy and healthy diet. Therefore, it seems to be increasingly necessary to eventually resort to certain supplementation products to reinforce the intake of certain nutrients. Especially if in our lifestyle we have incorporated anaerobic exercise, but also if we are subject to high work demands both from a physical and mental perspective.
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