The PundiX Project

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The PundiX Project
And The Move To Consumerize Cryptocurrency
    As both demand and supply of cryptocurrencies, crypto-platforms, wallets, exchanges, and services go up, many people have started posing serious speculations about how cryptocurrency could be changing the face of money and finance in the future. One of the most recent developments in the cryptocurrency sphere is PundiX, which is a platform whose main aim is to make spending cryptocurrency as easy as possible. Today, the only thing that you can buy with your cryptocurrencies is other cryptocurrencies. However, it seems that PundiX is changing that for the better by consumerizing cryptocurrencies, thereby enabling them for use in retail. While many people have gotten behind this new movement, it will surely take suppliers, vendors, and consumers some time to catch up to this change. However, if looked at from the bigger picture, it is possible to see how PundiX might be the beginning of a new era in the world of finances and retail. This book, therefore, presents itself as an outline of the history of cryptocurrency leading up to the creation and establishment of PundiX. The book will also discuss how cryptocurrency is changing the landscape of money and finance and whether this is f
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