‘The Whale, the Ship, Pancakes and Brave’ Exclusive NFT version

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‘The Whale, the Ship, Pancakes and Brave’ Exclusive NFT version
‘The Whale and the Ship Chronicles’
    The ‘Whale, the Ship, Pancakes and Brave’ is the first book to my fiction series ‘The Whale and the Ship Chronicles’. The book speaks a universal language of encouragement for all ages with lots of art and is only a 40 minute read. My paintings are mainly of a whale, a ship, a girl called Pancakes, and a captain called Brave. Their storms are much like our trials in life- frightening and unknown, but do not worry; this story has a happy ending. The four characters resemble us. They show us our desires in life and how time plays a role. We do not always get what we want in life quickly. Sometimes we have to wait. Waiting proves more important as it prepares us for what we want, but for the right time, so we enjoy it better. I've used a whimsical approach with some chocolate, cheese and suspense to reveal the storms of waiting are many, but so are the wins in the process. The Whale, the Ship, Pancakes and Brave provide you with a map in your lonely storm of waiting. The map helps you navigate the unknown territory to come out on the other side as a winner. They even might help you enjoy the ride with their sense of humour, the space between answers and their horrible character in their wait. ⭐️This book comes with- ✔️Free extra pages of art in this NFT book than the published hard copy version ✔️Free extra story page inside the book that’s exclusive only for this edition. ✔️A free minted animated Whale and the Ship NFT art from my account on cent.co platform. To claim this NFT kindly send me your email address to [email protected] with a screenshot of payment to claim your free NFT. It will be emailed to you from ‘Cent.co’
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