Un Nobel a Abattre

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Un Nobel a Abattre
“There is no secret that time does not reveal.”
    "Luc Montagnier: A Nobel to Take Down" delves into the late scientist's groundbreaking research on the Spike protein and Covid vaccines, revealing a complex web of intrigue and mystery following his untimely death. Montagnier's work, completed posthumously by colleagues, uncovers critical concerns about mRNA vaccine technology and genetic manipulation. The book explores the shadowy attempts to appropriate his research, involving enigmatic figures like B.I.D. and suspicious actions, such as his secretary's sudden departure with his belongings. Through collaborations with neurologists and prion researchers, Montagnier's findings challenge the safety of genetic insertions, raising urgent questions about health security. Tying together connections with African vaccine companies Proparco, and Biovac, the narrative examines the potential motives and machinations that may have contributed to Montagnier's mysterious end, as well as the ongoing battle to control his scientific legacy.
    18 - 100

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