One Wild Proposal

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One Wild Proposal
Where's She Going?
    “When the offer is too attractive and the answer too easy, leave things in the trash bin.”When a twin, a famous singer in Boston, Divina, accepted an invitation and a wild indecent proposal from Le Pétrolier, the son of the powerful minister of Energy and Oil of Congo, she has no idea of the dreadful consequences that will follow. What happened on Kiwengwa Beach in Zanzibar brought to her a huge fortune, but at the same time, sealing her fate. “Choices are your own making. So is destiny.”During her one-time vacations in Morocco, Etana, a documentary filmmaker, was nabbed and raped by Le Pétrolier who thought he has retrieved Divina. Like her twin sister, Etana was a former refugee from East Africa, who later settled in West Africa. Following her rape, she went back to the forest, to undergo under the watch of the great priestess, her grandmother, the ritual of healing, cleansing and rebirth. The putrefying body of Divina was found in a hotel room in Lomé, Togo. For the police, it was a mystery, but for people on the streets, a ritual for big money.“You cannot avoid the past you have invented.”In jail, Le Pétrolier awaited his sentencing, while staying clear of winking female inmates. His wild indecent proposal and the raping scandal in Marrakesh have brought a sea of angry waves of women from all over the country and beyond, with their spatulas, to the Central Court of the capital city. Which punishment will be delivered to Le Pétrolier? The Old order one or the justice of the spatulas?
    18 - 90

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